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Viting bees in Sri Ramanashramam

Dear friends

Recently, friend Ovθαk mentioned to Marcus of Switzerland that I am a beekeeper. He invited me to the beehive yesterday yesterday, and today, when I came back from the mountain, I met him in Ashram, so I had the opportunity to see the original Indian hives with the bees.
On the first photo you can see how the bee in India looks. It is specific as everything thanks to specific conditions. The main specificity is the monkey, which can not only overturn the hive, but their handy hands would certainly manage another kind of damage. Fortunately, the cage at the castle is beyond their ability, so bees are safe
Marcus started beeing in Ashram about 18 years ago, beekeeping himself in Switzerland for much longer. He talked with Ashram, they were glad to be honey. Marcus put them to the right, so they took it as a service to nature with a bit of that sweet reward. Yield from the hive is only about 3 kilos per year. This is mainly due to climatic conditions, as there is no cold here, so bees do not have to accumulate supplies. For the same reason, honey is usually thinner Bees are also smaller and slimmer (probably like our wasps) and the frames and hives are also smaller. However, it does not look much different
This hive is called after honey and has no mother because it was accidentally moved to a new separation. The bees were perfectly calm and when they are so small, one is not even afraid. When I compare it to my hard workers, they would chase me a moment later :-) Give them of bee skies, last year my varroas killed most of the bees, but I ordered a new swarms, so I hope everything will go well and I will be a beekeeper again.
Well, and finally, how much Marcus sells his Swiss Made Honey in Switzerland? It is about 22 EUR per one kilo

So keep your winter beautifully and look forward the spring.

Josef Fric

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